How do we Convert the Lower case letters to Upper case in excel?

We use the UPPER Function in Excel to turn lower Case & First letters of a Word into Upper Case letters. Keep in mind that Numbers, Punctuation marks & Space characters are not affected by this UPPER Function.

Upper case in Excel

Upper will Turn Each text into upper case letters.

Upper Case- Excel-Results



  • Text will be the Reference of the Excel Cell.
  • Any date or Number Formatting will be Removed if =Upper Function is used on Dates & other Numerical Data sets.
Key Takeaways
  • Use Upper to Convert each word in a given text to Upper case.
  • All words in a text are converted to Upper case.
  • Numbers and punctuation characters are not affected.
  • Number formatting is removed from standalone numeric values.
Download Lower Function Sample File

Related Functions

  • Upper Function will Convert text to ALL Capital letters.
  • Proper Function in excel will convert text to First letters as capital letters.
  • Lower Function will convert text to all lower case letters in excel.