Right Function in Excel

RIGHT Function returns the last character or characters in a text string, based on the number of characters you define


Right Function in Excel

So Right Function in the above Example will Extract 9 Characters from A2 Starting from the Right Side.



2nd Example

Right function 2nd Example

2nd example we want to Extract Country Name from the Name column So the Right Function here will Extract the Last 3 Characters From A2 Starting from the Right Direction.

Right Function Takes Two Arguments First Text String ( Location of the string that we can Extract any number of Characters & 2nd Argument is Number of Characters that we want to Extract from Right Side of the Text String.

The RIGHT function is a text string function that gives the number of characters from the right side of the string. It helps extract characters beginning from the rightmost side to the left. The result depends on the number of characters specified in the formula.

Key Takeaways

  • The default value of “num_chars” is set at 1.
  • The RIGHT function extracts characters beginning from the rightmost side to the left.
  • The RIGHT function accepts two arguments–“text” and “num_chars.”
  • If “num_chars” is greater than the length of the text, the RIGHT function returns the complete text.
  • If “num_chars” is less than zero, the RIGHT function returns the “#VALUE! error.”

Related functions

  1. The LEFT function is used to extract text from the left side of a text string.
  2. Use the RIGHT function to extract text starting from the right side of the text.
  3. MID function to extract from the middle of the text. The LEN function returns the length of text as a count of characters.