Flash Fill saves a lot of time. When you’re entering data that has a pattern, like separating a full name into first and last names, you can use the Flash Fill feature in Excel 365 to save time and have Excel fill in the data for you.

Here is a very simple magical way to split a column of names into two using the amazing flash fill command.

Flash Fill Function Excel

Just Type your First Name in the next column one or two & then Press CTRL+E.

that’s it it will fill in the Remaining First name & use the same method for the last name to flash fill the last name too . this way you can split the First & last name into two separate Columns with the Help of Flash Fill.

Combine data from several cells (merge columns)

Flash Fill can be used to merge Columns Following a Pattern. Just type in a Pattern like First Name, last name, Country & Zip Code for the First Line & then press Flash Fill or Short cut key of Flash fill CTRL+E  & this will fill the same Pattern for the remaining lines.

Merge Columns with Flash Fill

This can also be achieved with the help of Concatenate Functions like

=concatenate(A2,” “,B2,” ” ,C2, ” “, D2)

Merge Columns with Concatenate

After Every column Name ” ” is used to Create a space between the First & Last Name + Country & zip code.