How to Copy Rows and paste them as columns in Excel & Google Sheets?

Looking to find a solution so you can copy rows in Excel or Google sheet & paste them as columns then you are in safe hands 😉

here is the Issue in the image. we have several names in Rows that we can paste them as columns if we copy each name & paste in B1, C1, D1 Columns that will take a hell of time.

Transpose Function in Excel

1st Method 

We use the Transpose Function in Excel to Copy Rows and paste them as columns So we will type


A1:16 is an array or Range of values that we want to copy & paste them as a column:

Transpose-Function SYNTAX

here are the results

Just press Enter & its boooooooooom.


2nd method

just select all the values in Rows and go to the place where you want to paste the values as the column.

  • Right click on the place you want to paste rows as columns.
  • from paste Special Select Transpose.That’s it you are done.

Transpose with Paste special